Why LA Endodontics

In order to provide minimally invasive root canal treatments, our office is equipped with the following technologies:


In our office, all root canal treatments are completed using the surgical dental microscope. The microscope magnifies the internal anatomy of the tooth up to 30 times, allowing a more conservative endodontic treatment to be performed even in the most difficult cases. This allows the endodontist to preserve more natural tooth structure and therefore reduces the risks of tooth fracture after endodontic treatment increasing the longevity of the tooth.

Root Canal

Advantages of Microscopic Endodontic Treatment:

  • High accuracy of the endodontic treatment
  • Minimally invasive treatments- preserving more natural tooth structure
  • Diagnosis of cracks
  • Locating all the root canals inside the tooth
  • Correcting previous root canal treatments and damages to roots by closing perforations, finding missed canals, and correcting poorly sealed canals.
  • Post removal
  • Capability to document the clinical situation: Images obtained during treatment or examination help patients to better understand their diagnosis and why this treatment option has been suggested.

The advent of optical technology has opened up new perspectives for examination and treatment because it has been possible to see almost anything that could not be seen with the naked eye; specifically root canal anatomy with curved tight roots, extra canals that if missed would cause infection and continuous pain.  Using the dental microscope with every root canal treatment has greatly increased the success of healing an endodontic infection and preserving natural teeth.

Carestream 3D CBCT scan machine (cone beam computed tomography)

This new dental imaging technology scans patients in a 3-Dimensional orientation producing detailed images of the teeth and jaw bones. 3D images improve our ability to diagnose and treat difficult root canal shapes, hidden or missed canals, and cracked roots. The scan also allows better treatment planning for a more conservative root canal treatment by preserving more tooth structure when cleaning inside of the tooth.

Carestream Dental

Having this CBCT machine accessible to our patients in our office has increased the efficiency and treatment outcomes of our patients. The scanning time is less than 10 seconds with a very low radiation emission.

2D Digital X-Ray

Our office uses digital x-rays while performing endodontic treatment. Compared to conventional film x-rays, digital x-rays allows for faster capturing and clearer images of teeth being treated while reducing the amount of exposed radiation.

Schick Sensor

ROOT ZX II J-Morita Electronic Apex Locator

We use the world’s best-selling electronic apex locator, ROOT ZXII, which allows for an accuracy of 97.5% in measuring the root canal lengths.

ROOT ZX II J-Morita Electronic Apex Locator

Flexible Nickel Titanium Rotary Files

In our office, we use endodontic rotary files with flexible technology to clean inside the root canal system. Often times, the canals are very narrow and curvy and every tooth’s root canal anatomy is unique and complex; by using a variety of different manufacture endodontic instruments we are able to treat almost all canals safely.

Flexible Nickel Titanium Rotary Files
Flexible Nickel Titanium Rotary Files1
Flexible Nickel Titanium Rotary Files2

Dental Ultrasonic

We use this device to locate hidden canals, clean inside the tooth conservatively, remove previous root canal fillings and posts as well as disinfect the tooth during root canal retreatments.

Dental Ultrasonic

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also knows as laughing gas. For anxious patients we offer the laughing gas option. This will calm the patients during the duration of the treatment providing a pleasant experience in our office. The patient is able to drive back home after this and the recovery is only a few minutes. Please discuss with us if you are interested in Nitrous Oxide sedation in Tarzana. Most patients qualify to receive this treatment option.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation